Dental Crowns from Your Battle Creek Dentist, Houghtaling Dental

What exactly are dental crowns and why may you need one? Dental crowns are small covers known as caps that cover teeth that are damaged, decayed, or defective in other ways. A part of general dentistry, they are used when a patient’s tooth has become fractured – compromising the tooth’s integrity. Dental crowns strengthen the tooth, allowing them to function normally. Your Battle Creek dentist, Houghtaling Dental, can help you upgrade your smile and improve the function of your teeth with the placement of a dental crown. for your dental crowns leaving you improved function and an upgraded smile.

You may need a dental crown if…

  • Your tooth has a major cavity (too large for a filling)
  • You have a dental implant that needs to be covered
  • Your tooth is missing and you need a bridge (three dental crowns)
  • You have a tooth that is defective because it’s cracked or otherwise damaged
  • You would like to improve your smile because a tooth is discolored or wrongly shaped
  • You had a root canal and the tooth needs a cap

What you can expect

  • Your tooth will be prepared by your Battle Creek dentist making sure that your crown will fit properly. If you have tooth decay, that will be removed, as well. If there are structural issues, that will be corrected.
  • You have an impression made in order to create a model that is used to make your dental crown.
  • After the impression is made, you will have a temporary crown put on. During this time, there may be sensitivity. Your dentist will inform you of what you should and should not be eating during this time.
  • Your crown is properly placed and cemented.

Continued care

  • You should continue to take care of your teeth as you did prior to having the dental crown as recommended by your dentist and the ADA.
  • Do not eat hard foods or chew on hard objects.