Pediatric Dentistry in Battle Creek: 4 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Brush and Floss Their Teeth

Most parents agree that it’s not easy to get their children interested in practicing good oral hygiene. Sometimes trying to get your child to brush or floss their teeth can even result in tears. However, it’s extremely important they know the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums. Making daily dental hygiene into a habit should limit conflict during brushing time since it’s expected and just a part of their routine. This also sets your children up for success as they are older and more independent.

Join them

Brushing your teeth along with them is not only the best way to show them proper technique, but also shows them that everyone has to brush their teeth.

Encourage them

Positive reinforcement and encouragement is an excellent way to get excited about brushing. In general, like most people, children are motivated by affirmation especially from their parents. They want their parents to be proud! The reinforcement can be kind words or even a high five or fist bump.

Give them options

Get them involved with the whole process! Take them with you to pick out their toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. A toothpaste that is a flavor they enjoy or a light up or musical toothbrush designed with their favorite character may increase their excitement about brushing their teeth.

Make it fun

Make brushing their teeth a fun activity. This could mean making up a song or fun dance to perform before, during, or after brushing. Show excitement!

At Houghtaling Dental, we provide pediatric dentistry services in Battle Creek. Along with at home oral hygiene, your child should see a dentist by age one in order to educate parents and discuss home care.